Our mission and beliefs are summed up in the pursuit of these three goals:


Make Jesus famous; intentionally make Him the central point of everything we do as a local church.

As often as we do, we gather to celebrate and exalt Jesus. We intentionally make sure that all aspects of our functioning- teaching, singing, giving, encouraging, praying, serving, leading, etc… find their legitimacy and purpose in the glorification of Jesus, and the working of His Holy Spirit in every member. It is not about any single person, leader, or gifting seen in the church. As a local church, we recognize our position as a small part of the larger Body of Christ (The Church). We endeavor to bring God glory through unity and genuine love for other denominations of churches. This also extends to way we serve our community together in practical ways; we shine the light on God, rather than our ability to serve or meet a need.


Serve the church by equipping, loving, and releasing people to follow Jesus in personal and public ways, empowered by the gifts the Holy Spirit  gives each member.

Our goal is to grow deeper roots in our reliance on the complete work of Jesus, His written Word (the Bible), and the ongoing empowerment of His Holy Spirit in every member. We believe healthy church growth comes from each member playing a part. This is accomplished by clearly teaching and training people from the Bible, making room for the work of the Holy Spirit in every member, and encouraging people to live as children of our Father in heaven through the work of Jesus. In this effort, we are led by a group of pastors/elders, who share equally in the responsibility of caring for and leading this local church. They lead while integrating the input, skill, and functions of others in the church body, thus speaking into their personal lives and the larger local church. This is practiced out of reverence for Jesus, as He matures God’s church together. Collectively, we aim to grow together with the other local churches in Indiana, PA. We gladly support the work and growth of other churches that follow Jesus and hold to the Bible as the ultimate authority in the church.


Take the good news of Jesus to our local community and the world through the preaching of salvation in Jesus, and accompany that with works of service.

This goal is one of most clearly articulated commands Jesus gave His followers. We make it a priority to take the whole message of salvation through Jesus. This begins with reconciliation to God. We preach that personal faith in the complete work of God’s Son, Jesus, frees us from sin and its effects. This alone makes the way for us to be reconciled to God, our Father! We affirm that living in God’s ways, proclaimed in the Bible, is not by our effort, but by the sanctifying and empowering work of His Holy Spirit. We believe that in the midst of fallen and hurting world, we have confidence and joy to endure trials and suffering that come our way, without succumbing to their effects by our ongoing relationship and active faith in Jesus. This leads us to expect and pursue all aspects of deliverance, healing, and provision based on Jesus’ complete work of salvation, without minimizing the endurance God builds in us through life’s circumstances. This pursuit of knowing Jesus, reaches its goal when we pass from the earth and are united with Him, face to face. We take this gospel to the world in love, and seek to see every part of it lived out in our homes, social contexts, and church gatherings.