What to Expect
Entry & Parking
A warm welcome at the front door inviting you to pre-service coffee/tea served at 9:30 (when doors open). 
There is an access ramp located at the rear of the church facility right beside a couple of mobility access parking spots. If this is your first visit, let us know through the “plan my visit” link (at the bottom of this page) so we can save you a spot.
Mothers with nursing infants have a dedicated room in the back of the sanctuary (Fathers or male guardians looking after infants can use the cafe as a cry room once the service starts). Children between 1 year old and 4th Grade get checked into Gracekidz after 9:50am, just before worship starts, while 5th through 8th graders stays for the singing portion of worship and leave for an age appropriate youth group in the church cafe while the adult message is happening. Senior High kids onwards stay in the adult meeting throughout.
Worship & Singing
Our worship is typically contemporary/modern using a mixture of newer songs, older choruses and traditional hymns. You will encounter a range of expressions in worship – clapping, lifting hands, etc.
During our worship services, the words to songs being sung and scripture readings read or referenced are put up on the large screen for all to read. 
Restrooms are available near the front doors of the church facility. The Gracekidz level downstairs has additional restrooms that are available prior to kids check-in (roughly 9:50am), after which point only the main auditorium level restrooms can be used.

Our Location!

603 S 5th Street
Indiana, PA

Location and Parking

If you are traveling by car, we would encourage you to get here early. We open doors and start serving coffee at 9:30 AM. That is a perfect time to nab a parking spot in our parking lot which is limited. If you need mobility access, please let us know through the “Plan My Visit” button on the right, and we’ll save you a parking spot next to the access door. Regardless of when you get here, there is always free parking on the streets surrounding the church facility as well.

What should I wear?

We encourage people to wear comfortable clothes without worrying too much about a dress code. You will mostly see people in casual wear but also some shirt-and-ties, dresses and everything in between! On really hot summer days you might even see shorts and tank tops. The goal is “be comfortable and culturally appropriate.”   

Should I bring a Bible and/or notebook?

While it is not compulsory (we do project all scriptures read on the large screens), we do encourage people to bring their own Bible if they have one, so they can find passages easily and make notes where necessary. Today, most people have access to online/mobile versions of the Bible on their phones, and as such we encourage people to use whichever reading source suits them. If you would like to have a personal print Bible and don’t have one, we would be happy to get one to you for free as our investment in your growth.

What Bible version does WGF use?

We do not view one version of the English Bible as more holy than others, while we hold the written Word of God (The Bible, all 66 books in Hebrew and Greek/Aramaic) as the final authority on all matters regarding the Christian’s life. As such we encourage people to use a version that is easily understood and helps in their personal study of God’s Word. While various translations have their pros and cons depending on the study being undertaken, we have found the ESV or NASB versions useful for public reading and study. Other versions like the KJV, NKJV, AMP, NIV, RSV, etc. might be used where the translation is proven to be more helpful for gleaning from the passage in consideration.

What about communion? (also known as “The Lord’s Supper” or “Eucharist”)

We encourage anyone who believes in Jesus, whether you are visiting or a regular attender at Word of Grace, to participate in this sacrament. For us, this is not a religious checkbox to be checked off at important times of the year, but rather a regular place of meeting with God and reminding ourselves of the forgiveness and wholeness Jesus has given us.
This happens on the first Sunday of every month towards the end of our service (our Gracekidz Ministry shares communion in their service as well on the same week). We provide self-serve elements (juice and wafer) at the entrance info tables to take on your way to your seat at the start of the service. During the service, we have someone lead us with a short encouragement as we eat the bread and drink the juice together in our seats. Gluten-free options are also available and clearly marked to accommodate dietary restrictions for some members. If you are unsure of something at any point, feel free to ask one of the servers your question; they will gladly assist you.

What is a Baptism Sunday?

We often (every other month) take a little time at the end of our service (11:30am) to water baptize anyone who has made an individual commitment to follow Jesus. This also (like communion) isn’t a checkbox we require of people to be a part of Word of Grace. This is completely a spiritual act of obedience to Christ and serves as public declaration for all gathered, that we are truly hidden in Christ’s identity and not our own. In order to be baptized at Word of Grace, a person may contact one of pastors directly or fill out a connect card to be contacted during the week.
Register for Baptism
Quick Contacts
If you need to get in touch with us for any queries you have before visiting us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the people below.
Kimberly Bressler – kim@wgfellowship.org 
Pat Sexton – gracekidz@wgfellowship.org
Judah Thomas – judah@wgfellowship.org
Click the button below to let us know you’re coming. We are looking forward to it!
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