The Word is for your mouth

I have found this simple truth to be so transforming for my everyday life. There are days when I just don’t know what to make of my life and the situations surrounding me. Everything feels numb, and I’m definitely not in the mood to “get my praise on”. It’s in precisely moments like these when God calls me to worship. God’s word is always true- FACT! My life hurts sometimes-FACT! I always know exactly what’s going on- LIE! 

When life hits us with a 2X4, we have to be people who are quick to run to God  and find out what He sees and says about our lives rather than just letting our perspective on our life experiences do all the talking. I hope you realize I’m not saying that what we feel is irrelevant, but rather, there is a higher truth which trumps what I think I’m facing right now. The Word is a tool to be used in our mouths, not just something to be agreed with in theory or believed with a blanket “I believe in the Bible” ascent. God says something quite specific regarding our everyday lives. Let us receive that truth in our hearts and proceed to speak that word in our lives. This isn’t a mindless rattling of key verses. This is a heart response which receives God’s Word as final and respond with our “Amen” to what He says, facing the problem at hand with faith God supplies when we receive His word.

So church, let’s use God’s word in the very real life situations we see day after day. When we bring a humble heart to His word; anything our mouths speak as a result will be backed by faith in the One who spoke those words.
See you on Sunday!


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