Prayer and God’s Kingdom

Over the past few weeks we have been on a series called “Battle Ready”. It primarily has to do with the church of Jesus being found ready to do battle for the “kingdom of God” by utilizing prayer(the standard issue weapon of heaven) well. The prayer of the righteous is tremendously effective, and I desire to see God train and raise Word of Grace to take her place as a sentinel (soldiers posted on a city perimeter wall, atop a tower to scope out the horizon to warn of threats and get mobilized to defend territory when an alarm is sounded elsewhere on the wall) in Indiana PA, the Western PA region, and beyond. However, It starts right here at our part of the wall. Read the book of Nehemiah for a scriptural understanding of this.
I know it might seem odd that we haven’t got to unpacking some steps to better our prayer life yet. The truth is, we need to understand what battle we are in first, if we are to fight well and win. I believe God has set a fire in some of us over the past few months, and I see God doing something quite supernatural in all of us collectively (if you’ve been away on vacation, we look forward to having you back soon 😉 . 
I believe in Holy Spirit’s power to teach and instruct us all in the ways of God, whether we feel like we were around for everything or missed much of it. I would strongly urge you to ask God to help you on two things:
1)Lord, show me a glimpse of what Your kingdom is really like
2)Lord, teach me to be a kingdom minded child of yours.
I believe that as we pray with a sincere faith, God will totally blow the lid off what we have previously seen and grow us into a battle ready church who are life-givers in western PA (and beyond).
I’m expecting God to give us His heart for Western Pennsylvania. I really would love to see you partner with me (as a fellow laborer) as we see God’s kingdom power and reign manifest here.
God bless you,

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