Acts 2:42
They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”


These are RELATIONSHIP/ACTIVITY based groups that can either be short or long-term/ongoing. 
These are times dedicated to growing and nurturing the variety of gifts in the congregation. These could be Bible study based or interest/activity based.
These groups make room to cultivate leaders and relationships within the church. The aim is to build each other up.
The study based groups will fall either into the Bible study or topical study track. These studies are geared towards spending time in discussion and formulating a group pace for going through the content  (unlike growth sessions which are teaching and curriculum based).
The interest/activity groups encourage people to gather around a community need, sports, or arts. We believe these groups too are necessary avenues for healthy interactions that include friends and the local community. 


These small groups focus on a book of the Bible and study through the scriptures with time for questions and group discussion.
These small groups focus on a bible or life-application  topic  or book study (prayer, healing, faith, leadership, parenting, marriage, etc…) and work through it within the biblical framework.
These small groups are meant to help grow relationships through sport, crafts, or other common interests.

Growth Sessions

These are TEACHING based which are focused classroom style sessions.

These are times we dedicate as a church to study the Word of God and apply ourselves to growing in the systematic application of truth the Bible has for us. These are courses hosted by one the members of the teaching team at WGF.
We encourage every person to get involved in this aspect of church life, as other gatherings and services don’t afford us the dedicated time to work through the Bible and address questions people may have. These courses are typically short (six-eight sessions max) over the course of a month or so, so people have the freedom to choose the classes they would like to take over the course of a calendar year. Most courses run twice a year, giving people more than one opportunity to sign up.