Activate is for 5th-8th graders at Word of Grace and we meet in the coffee room after worship, heading back during our mid-service break. We learn about God and His Word in fun and exciting ways. God’s Word is ALIVE and we want to make it come ALIVE to the teens! For 2022-23 we will be working through two specific themes. We will be starting off with our “Commitment to Christ” and a “Call to be Different”. We’re excited to start diving in and for the discussion the teens bring! (Don’t worry, even the quiet ones usually pipe up!) 
Every 4th Sunday is the Activate Serve Sunday–instead of a lesson on those days, the Activate teens go serve in a ministry area. If you have any questions, reach out to one of the leaders.
Leaders: Whitney Rusiewicz, Walsa Rusiewicz and Felicia Daniel.
Our teens (youth) ministry group meets at convenient times a few times a month to either play games, watch a movĀ­ie, have outdoor activities or have a Bible study. The goal is for our teens to have fun in a safe social environment, opening the door for more focused Bible study and training for life.  For more information email:
NOTE: 5th Sundays (4 times a year) are Family Sundays and all kids and teens remain in the main service the whole time.