We see every child as an important member of the church family. The Bible teaches us that each member has a grace(gift) which is essential for the building up of the body of Christ. We believe your child is a gift from God; not just to your immediate family, but to the entire church family as well. Our goal is to have opportunities for our children to connect with God in an authentic way through songs, Bible study, and group activities in our GraceKidz ministry which starts in our lower level  at 10am (check-in prior to service). In keeping with our desire to include our children in our church services, we invite our children back into the main service for baptisms and communion. 
Our GraceKidz ministry is led by Pat Sexton who is supported by a dedicated team of team leaders and teachers working with your children.

What are my children learning?

For the next academic year (Sept ’22 to Aug’23) we are working with the ORANGE curriculum. Click through the link to see the scope and cycle of what your child will be learning through the year. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the church and home based training of our GraceKidz through home worksheets, scripture memorization, family discussions, etc… Orange provides the Parent Cue app  to help you along the way with prompts and home resources based on the lesson your child learned that weekend. If you have any questions regarding the material or would like to help serve in the children’s ministry, contact us via email at gracekidz@wgfellowship.org

GraceKidz : 10:00am, Sundays


During our family services we provide a Children’s service that includes worship, actvities and Bible lessons with application.

We currently have three age groups:

1. Green Room– Ages 1 to 2

This toddler play group is for kids aged two and under.

2. Orange Room – Pre-K to 1st Grade

Once a child turns three, they graduate to the Orange room where they have a fun time with simple lessons and activities in a semi-structured manner.
3. Purple Room –  2nd to 4th Grade
Our 2nd grade to 5th Grade class involves more structure as Bible truths are unpacked in bit more depth with lessons and engaging activities.


Infants under the age of 1
We provide a nursery (nursing mother’s room) for mothers to feed their infants in privacy or allow them to crawl around and play. This room is located in the rear of the sanctuary. During the message portion of the service, an audio feed of the service is provided for those using this nursery.
For fathers (male guardians) who are caring for infants, the cafe area is available to be used. Due to the privacy concerns for nursing mothers in the nursery, males are not allowed to use the nursery. At Word of Grace, we encourage fathers (male guardians) to share in caring for their children as well utilizing the alternative space near the cafe.
Middle School Ministry (Activate – Grade 5-8)
We provide a middle school ministry that takes place after the singing portion of worship in the church coffee room while high school and older remain in the main service.