We see every child as an important member of the church family. The Bible teaches us that each member has a grace(gift) which is essential for the building up of the body of Christ. We believe your child is a gift from God; not just to your immediate family, but to the entire church family as well. To give room for that principle, we seek to have our kids participate with us in any part of our family service that they will find encouraging and enjoyable at the same time; helping them grow. Our GraceKidz ministry is led by Pat McCombie, Danni Mencer and Carol Affolter, supported by a dedicated team of teachers working with your children.

GraceKidz : 10:45am, Sundays

Ministry Leads: Danni Mencer, Carol Affolter, Pat McCombie

During our family services, just before the adults hear the message, the kids break into smaller groups appropriate for their age. GraceKidz  is aimed at being a teaching time coupled with fun activities  from the Bible.

We currently have three age groups:

1. Pioneer – Ages 1-3

This toddler play group is for kids under the age of 3 ( *and until they are toilet trained).

2. Discovery – Ages 3*-6

Once a child  is able to understand basic conversation and is also toilet trained, they graduate to the Discovery class where they have a fun time with simple lessons and activities in a structured manner.

3. Explore – Ages 7-12

Our pre-teen group is where children are taught lessons from the Bible coupled with activities and songs which are part of a focused curriculum that feeds into what the larger church is working with.

Infants under the age of 1
We provide a nursery with toys for parents with infants to use in the rear of the sanctuary. During the message portion of the service, an audio feed of the service is provided for those using the nursery. 

What are my children learning?

For the next academic year (Sept ’16 to Aug’17) we are working with a
Children Desiring God curriculum.  Our 3-6 year olds are going through a series called “Jesus, What a Savior” which teaches them the fundamentals of our salvation in Jesus . Our 7-12 year old’s are covering a series called ” How Majestic is Your name” which studies the names of God in the Bible with an application for how we approach Jesus today. Parents are also encouraged to be involved in the church-based training of our GraceKidz through home worksheets, family discussions, etc… If you have any questions regarding the material or would like to help serve in the children’s ministry, contact us via email at gracekidz@wgfellowship.org