M I N I S T R I E S   &   A C T I V I T I E S

Age Specific Activities

GraceKidz (Ages 1-12)

Our Kids ministry called GraceKidz runs during the Sunday Family service between 10am-11:30am. After a short time of worship together as families, the children are invited to GraceKidz for age appropriate classes and picked up when the service ends.

Activate (Ages 13-17)

Our teens group meets twice a month (usually on weekends) for fun activities, games and age appropriate Bible study and discussion.

IUP: Catalyst  (Ages 18-30)

Our college student and young adult group meets at the Commonplace Coffeehouse on Monday evenings at 7pm. We also organize social events on campus or around town, and participate in campus related outreach and social action.
Build Relationships with Lifegroups
Lifegroups are geared towards all age groups building relationships in the context of daily life. Their main purpose is to get to know others in the church and walk through life issues together as a smaller community. These groups meet once a month, and happen over a potluck meal. This also serves as hub to connect people in the church  to relevant small groups (studies, activities, prayer, worship, etc..) that meet at various times. Contact one of the group leaders below to get connected with one.
Rizzo Lifegroup
Morningside Drive, Indiana
Karcher Lifegroup
Locust Street, Indiana
Bracken Lifegroup
Hamill Road, Indiana
Saylor Lifegroup
Clark Avenue, Indiana
Get equipped with Growth Sessions
Growth Sessions are times we dedicate as a church to study the Word of God and apply ourselves to growing in the systematic application of truth the Bible has for us. We encourage every person to get involved in this aspect of church life, as other gatherings and services don’t afford us the dedicated time to work through the Bible and leave room for questions and discussion. Typically these courses are concentrated and short (six sessions max) over the course of a month or so, so people have the freedom to choose courses they would like to take over the course of a calendar year. Most courses run twice a year, giving people more than one opportunity to sign up.
Bible Study Track
We are sold out on being a church that not only teaches from the Bible, but takes time to equip each believer to study it for themselves. These courses can be expository or thematic in nature.
Studies for 2017 include the the books of Romans, Ephesians, and Colossians.
Topical Track
These are meant to cover areas of the Christian life which need focused attention  for followers of Jesus to grow in their knowing of God.
Studies for 2017 include topics like Grace, Healing, Foundations for New Christians, and Worship.
Life Application Track
Often life issues like marriage, parenting, finances, relationships, grief, etc… need help and restoration. We are committed as a church to give each member tools to navigate these issues of daily life well. 
Workshops/seminars for 2017 include: Marriage, preparing for marriage, parenting, and  finance management